14 October 2011


In the interest of full disclosure, this tape has a rather misleading title, but I'm guessing that Finnish and Italian Hardcore didn't really have an interesting ring, so the tape maker just lumped in the whole damned continent. And while a tape called Finnish and Italian Hardcore might inspire titillating excitement in your loins, you would have a hard time constructing an arsenal as potent as this one. Most of these tracks come from relatively (or extremely) sought after records, so the true collector scum among you may skip this tape, but we common punx will be treated to indispensable tracks from KAAOS, NATO, INDIGESTI, CADGERS, SEKUNDA, DACHAU, TERVEET KADET and others. This is a masterful 90 minute trek through the annals of hardcore legend. Mandatory.

12 Bands, 90 Minutes, 74 songs

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