04 October 2011


It doesn't get any faster, any meaner, or any more intense than NUCLEAR CULT. These German maniac blaze through 8 songs in just over 4 minutes on their 2009 demo, played with precision and ferocity unmatched. 

Because nothing says matrimonial happiness like German fastcore, I would like to thank Karoline for being my partner in this nonsense. We were married fourteen years ago today, and I am pretty happy about that. Here is a picture, it's pretty much the only one that we got without shadows on our faces. My hair is awesome, but not nearly as awesome as my wife.


zhollows said...

Yay to German fastcore and yay to happy people! In 19 days it will be 2 years for us. Crazy and awesome. Crazy awesome. Congrats to you two. Some of the best people in the world I know.

Harvester said...

Congrats wild-o's.