29 October 2011


Absolutely brilliant Spanish punk. Ferocious and impassioned guitars jangle and and scratch over breakneck hardcore punk delivered with such a delicately precise touch that ABSURDO almost come across as poppy, even though their attack is full throttle throughout. Vocals are snotty and snarled, and the songs are fukkn packed with hooks - fans of early '00s Copenhagen will eat this shit like candy. Fans of good punk rock will eschew such base attempts to woo potential fans and be genuinely and simply wowed by the brilliant jams. 13 songs in as many minutes, and enough quality to get you through the next week.

If available, additional copies can be acquired from cintespodrides(at)gmail(dot)com


Anonymous said...

I just started playing this and already I am in love with it. Pure fun.

Clint B said...

Really cool. I love fast HC with such a clean guitar. vut like a razor, indeed. Can be more vicious than the blown out distortion.

Aňa said...

I hope, that I will see them.Nice article, thank from writing. You force me to use my english. Greeting from Czech Republic.