19 October 2011


Melodic garage punk with fukkn teeth, I love it. I know a lot of my friends really dig THE MARKED MEN, and Germany's HYSTERESE kinda remind me of that, but faster and way punker. They also remind me of THE SOVIETTES, who I also love (it might just be the female backing vox, though I think it's something more), but they are also punker than that. These songs rule, even though there are only four of them. There is, however, a new 12" record for you to buy after you fall in love with this demo. And you will fall in love with this demo.


Anonymous said...

I just listened to this five times in a row. And now I'm about to listen to it again. I don't see this trend ending any time soon. Damn, this is catchy. Thanks!

dickyditch said...

hi there,

i'd like to download this, wanna fix this link?


the wizard said...