11 October 2011


Easily dismissed as some pretentious new age shit, Daniel Lentz's 1986 composition Missa Umbrarum is a genuinely soothing collection of unconventional "instruments" and vocal treatments...avant garde ambient sounds. This dude was way ahead of the early '90s swell of suburban intellectuals and college students extolling the virtues of medieval Gregorian chants and trying to convince their friends that they were hip to ENYA way before she started adding those contrived dance beats to otherwise pure and valid musical sounds...DANIEL LENTZ began avant composing in the '60s, and was actually worthy of such pretentious accolades. Struck, rubbed and tapped glasses combine forces with bells, rasps and voices to create a subtly disconcerting composition for people who wear turtlenecks. 

What, you never wore a turtleneck? Not even as a misguided pre-teen? Well, your loss (both in the world of ill advised fashion and in the context of this tape). Also, DANIEL LENTZ is a visual artist too, look at his things here.


FRKSE said...

This is really cool...I'm a geek for obscure modern composer stuff...nice find!

needleride said...

this is totally part of the soundtrack in Akira

Corby Plumb said...

This is soooo good. It's abstract and difficult but not unpleasant to listen to.