15 October 2011


Chaotic and psychedelic noisy punk, kinda like if SKATE KORPSE, THE SPITS and FACE THE RAIL all got really high and recorded with KURO at the helm. I was on the fence for a while with this one (the folded piece of paper with zero information was a turnoff as well, securing their apparent yearning for mysterious status), but I have hopped off of that fence, and landed squarely on the side of "this is awesome and I want more." No information to share, not even song titles (see last sentence's parenthetical "mysterious" jab), just a suggestion to get into these drunken distorted sounds.


Deep Tapes is responsible for this and a load of other genuine weirdness. Get lost in it.

1 comment:

the wizard said...

A quick google, and the mystery is solved:
1) Brain Drain
2) Skatan
3) Get Fucked Up
4) No Fucking War
5) Away From Me
6) Why Do You Die?
7) Skate To Death
8) Ryderz Of The Wyld Wave