03 February 2011


According to their mailing address, SWEET TOOTH hail from O'fallon, Illinois, which is somewhere about three skidmarks to the east of East St. Louis, which is nowhere I ever need to hang out. Unless these kids are there, because if your hardcore is this good and you are this pissed then I want to, at the very least, drink several beers with you. Perhaps I want to hang out on your porch for a week, but I definitely want to tap into the rage that creates this music. Remember the inward drive that made DIY punk/hardcore from the '90s so appealing? Well, just transfer that personal touch to more modern fastcore/thrash and you have made yourself a monster that goes by the name of fukkn SWEET TOOTH. 8 songs in just under 8 minutes...today, you win.


jazz up your lizard said...

This is fucking great, played it twice over at stupid volume. Nice one manny.

School Jerks said...

Such a killer band. Seen them twice in St Louis and they were so great. Their new 7" is out now (or almost now) on Cowabunga!

The Burb said...

This band fuckin kills. Do you have any contact information for these bros?