24 February 2011


It amazes me that this is the music that hordes of fashionable youths tout, but even through the sea of all things desirable, sometimes something of genuine merit floats to the top. To call this black metal band "primitive" would be giving them too much credit, and these sounds are often truly awkward to listen to...but that guitar sound will help overcome just about all musical shortcomings, and even make me not care if this is music made by forest trolls or one short haired 23 year old art student. The PORTISHEAD cover leads me to believe that the latter might be closer to reality, but even that bizarre track is delivered in such a shroud of sound that I find it transfixing. Enjoy...

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Anonymous said...

here's XV from Rhuith.
thanks fro spreading my stuff, there are two new tapes out on Cocainacopia and Tour de Garde.

P.S. oh, by the way, i'm 39 years old.