02 February 2011


We played with these kids at the tail end of 2010 and it totally ruled. Super heavy and unpretentious female fronted hardcore that owes a generous helping of thanks to the heaps of early '00s quasi-melodious crust bands that seemed to sprout out of every scene in Europe and Americaland, but aside from the simple fact that DEATH FIRST are making this music when it's not cool like it was a few years back, this tape is worth accolades because it rules. Crushing musically, heavy (and spot on) lyrically, and presented with a forceful urgency that commands you to listen. OPT OUT will be playing with them again in Brooklyn in March, stoked.


Anonymous said...

I've been blasting this a fair bit the past couple days. Sweet stuff, and as catchy as it is heavy. Thanks!

bmv582 said...

Is it possible to repost this? Thanks.

the wizard said...