15 February 2011


I received a compliment Saturday night. After we played in Portland a friend told me that it was good to see a hardcore band - not mysterious and dark, not obscured by feedback and white noise pedals, not obsessing on bygone genres and watered down mantras...just a band going all out and playing hardcore punk. The compliment was appreciated, and I would like to extend the same to Chula Vista's SLEEPWALK. There are hints (subtle, and likely accidental) of '90s San Diego in the dual guitar attack (this is a good thing), but this tape is just hardcore and it rules.

Thanks to Travis, Jensen, Matt, Ken, Rick, The Morgue, Black Water and The Hub for making last weekend's jaunt a fukkn killer. I look forward to more Northwest jaunts in the future.

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Anonymous said...

awesome to see chula vista represented here. i may be an old man now and have not lived in cv for over a dozen years, but it's good to see these young kids from cv raging away. only seen 'em live once but they are a sick band (and cool kids).