13 February 2011


PARTY BY THE SLICE was just gaining momentum when I left Milwaukee, but they were already good. Now they are great. Midwest metallic hardcore with touches of melodic crust and brilliant bursts of fastcore. Serious lyrics (see the STATEMENT post from a few days back, this is important) mixed with the good times that come from overeating and being dealt a shitstick by god in the hair department. But even bloated stomachs, babies and bald heads can't stop PARTY BY THE SLICE.

Today is the last show of NO STATIK's little jaunt. Come see us in Sacramento at The Hub with THE HOWLING and QUILTING BEE. If you live in Germany, we will have to see you on another trip, it was just a little out of the way this time.

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this cover makes me remember a exploited show back in 87 all of the skinheads were throwing pizza slices at wattie.