19 February 2011


Combatting the uncharacteristically cold and dreary weather in San Francisco with 15 quick minutes of sweet poppy punk. SURROGATE ACTIVITY are endearing, and the same way bands like THE GRUMPIES, GOMEZ and VANBUILDERASS charmed hoards of jaded punks in the '90s, they will worm their way into your brain and have you dancing around the kitchen like a fool. Plus, they are from Newfoundland, which is about as far from my house as you can get without leaving the continent, and I tried to play there in 1996 but we couldn't afford the ferry ride home and we didn't feel like getting jobs there in case the show was a bust (probably a wise choice, even though I still wonder what the show would have been like and if I will ever get the chance to play there again)....so we drove to Matty's grandmother's house in Maine and I crapped my pants. But that's a different story entirely.

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stringi said...

thanks for the variety wizard!