01 November 2010


I got a tape a few years ago that was simply titled French Punk, with a list of four bands. With no song titles, I enlisted the help of Luc from Bordeaux to try to nail the origin of some of these ripping tunes - he did so several months back, and now I am just now getting around to sharing them with you. The first installment from that tape is from Vernon, France's RAPT, and is more than suitable for a Noise Punk Monday visit to France...totally manic and chaotic noise core with an emphasis on speed instead of technical precision. The complete lack of fidelity on this rehearsal tape is augmented by fierce determination and a need for speed, and this primitive attack will make your head spin with nonsensical blasting mayhem. RAPT only cranked out one vinyl release, a split with FINAL BLAST (whose demo is on this same cassette, and will appear here tomorrow), but here are 9 raw as fukk rehearsal tracks. Thanks to Luc for trying to track down song titles, but most of these tracks are unknown even to him:
The Rapt songs are a mystery to me. I've never heard that recording before. A lot of the songs didn't sound familiar, so much that I first thought it was a different band! That's until I heard track 6 ("Torture"), which is definitely a Rapt classic. One of my old bands used to cover this song. Haha. OK, hope it helped...

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bozul said...

thank you for that tape that I did not know at all.
Here are the names of songs :
01 - Déflagration + Amer bilan
02 - Stupides terroristes
03 - Stupides terroristes
04 - Mauvais délire
05 - Apocalypse now
06 - Torture
07 - Torture
08 - Catastrophes
09 - Afrique du sud
10 - Incommunicabilité