03 November 2010


Trading yesterday's chaos for catchy French punk. The 1984 Explosif demo from CHARNIER is full of melodic Oi hooks, and while I can easily imagine the sound being polished to a point that makes them rather uninteresting, these songs in their demo form are fukkn great. Great punk, nothing more to say except thanks again to Luc/Kängnäve for producing the track listing for me (and in turn, for you), and here's a shitty cover scan I nicked from Discogs in case you happen to come across this gem in the bin at your local charity shop:
Also: I just returned from vacation last night and repaired the US AGAINST THEM post from last Friday. Apologies for my technological failings, but please enjoy this mix tape.

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good stuff you should check out the irritones there a new french punk band they are very good but the punk's in seattle gave them a bunch of shit sorry they weren't crust d-beat closed minded fuck's.