19 November 2010


My personal highlight(s) on this tape is(are) the tracks from Nagoya's NAÜSEA, which feature one of the earliest recorded appearances from Naito, the legendary cartoon-like fastcore machine who has drummed for N.E.K. (currently), OUT OF TOUCH, FLASH GORDON, C.F.D.L. and countless others over the last 20+ years. Naito was the first Japanese drummer I watched on my first trip to Japan (he played three blistering sets back to back to back) and I've exchanged fewer than 25 words with the dude even though our bands have played together several times over the years. The five NAÜSEA tracks, it should go without saying, are fukkn stellar raw blazing HC influences by '80 UK noise punk and US hardcore. RAISE CAIN and FUCK GEEZ play the most traditional brand of Japancore found on this tape, while Sapporo's SPITFIRE deliver early DC meets 7 SECONDS in the most excellent way (I do not think these tracks made it to the SPITFIRE discography on 625, which is excellent and you should get it). SLAVER are nasty, rudimentary and ultra metallic and MAD CONFLAX (is this MAD CONFLUX with a self administered typo? I think it must be...) and SIC DEATH SLAUGHTER (killer crossover with burly vocals - rules) wrap this shit up. XPX gave this to me, and now I share - don't say I never gave you anything.


Matt said...

Awesome, as always

Always wanted to here the early Fuck Geez tape on MCR Company.

If your box of tapes has that, that would be genius!

Bulmaro said...

Link is dead... can you re-upload? Thanks for all your great posts!

the wizard said...

Re-zipped, re-uploaded.

Bulmaro said...

Thanks for the re-up! Much appreciated!