23 November 2010


This is everything that yesterday's CERVIX post is not - ultra pro recorded melodic power metal from Japan circa 198something. These six tracks show MASQUERADE flying all over the fretboards, sneaking keyboards in at will and even plugging a guitar solo driven instrumental into the middle of the demo. The vocals are classic '80s power metal, though several endearing rungs below the Halfords and Dickinsons on the ever treacherous Ladder Of Falsetto Screams. I thought about scanning the lyrics to "Chance," and still might do so someday, but sharing these impossibly hopeful "you CAN break free from the control that your parents and society have over you - you CAN be your own person" lyrics written in such difficult English would have seemed like I was making fun...and since there's no way to convey through this horribly impersonal form of communication (ones, zeros, pictures, sounds - but no emotion, no sarcasm...just a cold offer of music and text in hopeful exchange for a warm word) that I was truly moved by the earnest nature of these lyrics, I will not share them so that my honest appreciation is not misconstrued. If you want a punk tape to crank you through your Tuesday, look elsewhere. But if you've been experiencing a serious Melodious Power Metal Band deficiency lately, then I'm here to help.


James said...

Hey there! Thanks for posting this. Japan seemed to have the best heavy metal bands in the 80's and thanks for sharing this one w/ us.

Great work on your blog too. Looking forward to your future posts!

the wizard said...

...and MELODIOUS POWER METAL bands too...
more posts coming of course -lots of Japanese shit in the future.