04 November 2010


The last installment from that French tape - I would apologize to those who aren't a fan of French punk, but then again I should also chastise you for not digging the diverse and amazing music that has graced The Escape this week. Perhaps you have terrible taste? Then again, I posted songs by bands like ASS and SHITDOGS OF WAR, so it's entirely possible that it is I who have terrible taste. VERDUN might just be my favorite '80s French band (though I am far from an expert - I need Luc to make me a mix tape of the classics), I first heard them when a long time MRR shitworker dropped a few crates of records by the magazine's HQ (nothing finer than a heavyweight dropping out of the record game), and after I snagged all the MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST I needed, Arwen came home and we started jockeying for the killer slabs. After several rock/paper/scissors contests and a bizarre tie breaker that involved a processed potato product and an impossible toss onto a precariously narrow ceiling beam, I left with a brilliant VERDUN LP, and I've been a fan ever since. These tracks are killer raw female fronted punk, totally simple but completely awesome. Government regulated baguette prices, health care for everyone (even the dipshits), great punk tapes, and retirement at age 60? Even if at least one of these is achieved only by strikes and riots, and even if it costs more in motorway tolls to drive across the country than I paid for my DIE KREUZEN record, if you can crank out tunes like "Tentative" and everyone is as nice as the French people that I've met...then your country is just fine with me.

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verdun was one of the few french punk band's than stood against the rise of nazi punk in france in the mid 80'sadly alot of there piers went to the dark side stoopid nazi's.