11 November 2010


In the early 1990s, American and European punks seems to be trying to figure out what the fukk they were doing and flirting with grunge while still kinda being punks but yet opening up to funk and ska even after they figured out that opening up to cock rock and hair metal had been a shitty idea. Meanwhile, the Japanese has their shit fukkn dialed - as evidenced by todays tape from D.O.N.O.D.O.N. - and produced heaps of blistering fast hardcore punk with such a distinct attack that it was soon known as "Japcore" around the world. There's something about the style that is unmistakably Japanese, even though they clearly take influences from UK punk, MOTORHEAD, and US hardcore. The Winter demo might not be the best Japanese shit you've ever heard, but these four songs are a perfect introduction to the raging hardcore punk that the island has been pummeling us with for the last 20+ years.




it was kinda of sad point in punk rock when punk band's didn't sound punkand rock bands sounded punk.i hated the whole ska punk thing but there were few good street bands in the early 90's like briandance oxymoron paradox uk self destruct m.d.m.i never realy care for most of what comes out of japan this one is alright

chuck blasty said...

you dont get punk then. a band being punk doesnt mean they emulate a '77 or '82 band well. punk was, and still is, a reaction. to rock and roll and to mainstream culture. if you stop viewing punk as having emerged from one or two single places in a certain time period, you can see a little more clearly that punk is whatever the dissenters and social rejects who make it, make it.