31 October 2010


This band started just after I moved away from the Bay Area in the early '00s, but I was lucky enough to drive them on a short Midwest/East Coast tour in 2004. Wholly unpretentious hardcore tinged all female punk - simple but excellent songs and lyrics that reflect the depth of each of the women involved. The drummer now sings for NYC shredmeisters ATTAKE, the bassist is a documentary film maker and producer and recently sang for YEAR ONE, and the guitarist lives in Madrid and does time in LAS SENORAS and SILLA ELECTRICA, two of the best bands Spain has produced in years. Innocence and angst can combine to make great music.


evilbuttmunkeh said...

there was a band from the uk called hue and cry in the late 80s.
slightly different sound, ha ha

Barf Brown said...

This tape is so rad!!!
thanks Robert!

JOPla said...

the uk hue and cry is still around, btw