08 November 2010


The term "Noise Punk" has lately been used to refer simply to noisy raw DBeat hardcore bands. While I don't necessarily endorse that classification and think that, in general terms, things called "noise punk" should lean more in the noise direction and push boundaries rather than adhering to any sort of formula. However, a subgenre is a subgenre, and I only comment on the rules - I don't make them. So since I've accepted that the moniker applies to formulaic bands who adhere to the raw DBeat program...why not celebrate Noise Punk Monday with a band who fly the flag higher than just about anyone? Australia's PISSCHRIST set the standard for this shit. If you want to start a band that worships at the altar of DIS, you might want to check this out first and see how it's done. Sure you've heard this shit before, but PISSCHRIST do it to perfection. Best live band, best dudes. Sorry they've called it quits but I look forward to their new projects.


Tom said...

If you don't already know, another ex Pisschrist band with Yeap playing guitar: http://www.myspace.com/kromosom

Noise punk!

Anonymous said...

that Kromosom tape RULES

the wizard said...

It does rule. And it's going up tomorrow.