28 November 2010


This might make me a bad and/or judgemental person, but when I hear bands bust out songs like "Never Get It Back" it just makes me wonder how old they are. If you're 45 and singing about all the chumps who dropped out of hardcore, then I get it...because you (as a 45 year old) are clearly a lifer. But if you're 22...then you should probably shut your fukkn mouth until you're old.  Age notwithstanding, BOSTON STRANGLER rip through 5 sick fukkn east coast hardcore burners that owe liberal doses of thanks and accolades to their predecessors (I mean '80s Boston hardcore bands). These crushing, mosh friendly jams will suck up 8 minutes of your life and leave you wanting to smash holes in every wall in your parents' bedroom while your friends crank the shit out of your big brother's record collection. And now that I think this through, I don't give two shits how old BOSTON STRANGLER are - this demo kills, makes me wanna smash the inferiors, and I hope that these dudes stay hardcore forever because clearly that was their goal when they made this shit happen. For what it's worth, as much as this shit rules, when you search "Boston" in my iTunes and blast these songs and then David Allen Coe's "Please Come To Boston" comes right out of BOSTON STRANGLER's "The Truth," the song that closes this killer demo...well I'm just saying that it rules even more.



i hate boston hard core i did live in boston for seven years most of the hard core kids were total dick heads violnet as fuck and they hated punks that was in the late 80's maybe thing have changed there i hope so.

the wizard said...

You hate SSD? Seriously? You hate F.U.'s? You can't write off a scene or a region or a genre just because some folks were jerks. Boston has been home to some of my favorite punk and hardcore shows since I started touring...and the jock mentality frequently associated with the city (and scene)? That's all too prevalent in hardcore (and punk) no matter where you go, man.
Click the "Boston" link in my tags and you'll find several recent/current bands more than worthy of your attention.

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