05 November 2010


Back in July I posted BAD ENTRAILS 3 and extolled the virtues of what I then heralded as a near perfect compilation tape. The Germans at Psychic Brain Slash Tapes cranked out 90 minutes of top notch US hardcore and were kind enough to include the hits you want (FLAG, CRUCIFIX, DICKS, NAKED RAYGUN, SCREAM) as well as the deep cuts that you seek you broaden your horizons (HATE, ANGST, ILL WILL, DEMENTED, Southern California's favorite christian anarchists CIRCLE ONE, RF7). There are a couple of clunkers (covers of "War" and "Low Rider" by D.O.A. and J.F.A. are certainly the tape's low points), but this tape just fukkn rips - exactly what a hardcore comp tape should sound like. Who gives a fukk if you know half of this shit already...just listen on your way to work or school and than delete the files if you are too cool to keep the files around. And yeah, I know that D.O.A. and S.N.F.U. are Canadian.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know the artist/title of the intro track?

Unknown said...

Do you know the release year?

Racka7979 racka7979 said...

the Intro was taken from the german radioplay series 'Mopsy Mops'. Baller-Otto is spoken by Robert Missler.