27 October 2015


Any person who is frequently mentioned in the same breath as GG ALLIN and BOYD RICE is a person who pushes boundaries. I ain't no expert, but there is a wealth of information and background at your disposal, and you can spend ages sinking into article after story after rumor about Lisa Suckdog; creator of the venerable Roller Derby zine, made a baby with Boyd Rice, wrote a book about Yoko Ono, feminist, prostitute - you get the general idea. No art form is sacred or out of reach...everything is on the table. Musically (or perhaps I should say "musically") SUCKDOG (a product of Lisa and her then-partner Costes) cranked out several compilations of noise, aural missives, field recordings and bedroom boombox/4-track collections. The shit is weird, and it comes from someplace completely different....Little Flowers Dying is 19 tracks of non-music released in 1990. Are you ready?

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Lane Kagay said...

Lisa's great. Look up her Rollerderby zines and Drugs are Nice book. Okay. Hi from Venice.