11 June 2011


Burly, distorted and nasty hardcore from Florida with overt and in your face metallic tendencies. Imagine HIS HERO IS GONE ingesting a steady diet of Scandinavian metal and US hardcore, and then listen to your imagination at maximum volume and think of everything that is wrong with the world. The next eleven minutes of your life will be filled with an unforgiving hatred, and you will know that you are not alone.

As angry as the music is, one of these fellows is responsible for this, which gives me faith in humanity...or at least gives me faith that humanity has good taste.


abdul alhazred said...

Is this the same one from this year? Been listening to it a bunch this week...

the wizard said...

Yes, It is from this year...in fact, it is this one:
It is worth listening to a bunch, regardless of the week.