05 February 2011


Way more raging than their three song demo from earlier in 1985, WARZONE rip through 11 total scorchers and one killer slow tune - relentless UK82 madness.   My copy comes with no artwork, but I got the lyrics to this and the Frightened City banger scrawled out by hand, which I figure is an acceptable consolation.  I love the way this tape sounds...everything is maxed out but still crystal clear, and the guitar tune is something bands should strive for. Extra accolades for leaving the studio banter on the demo, including the bits towards the end of the session when the band starts fighting...this rules.


Anonymous said...

Great band, whereabouts in the UK were Warzone from?


the wizard said...

Manchester - but they never made it to vinyl, at least not that I can tell.

Darkness said...

Yeah, they were from Manchester. Never made it to vinyl. I have a well worn copy of this. I was friends with the singer and guitar player and was lucky enough to see them live 3 times. Great band.