17 December 2020



The thing I like about this tape is the unlikely collision of adolescent carelessness and mature song construction. The recording is typical medium fidelity '90s DIY - you can hear everything but it takes a couple of tracks to really settle into the rawness - and the vocals practically squeak with an awkward juvenile confidence. But the way everything is put together presents a band of musicians far more advanced than this primitive recording can express, they are writing songs instead of just banging out riffs. Young suburban punk energy mingles here with would-be indie and/or stoner rock darlings on cuts like "Hotel Sarah Bella," and you aren't really sure where they are going to land when they grow up but it's clear they are going somewhere, you know? Actually, they appear to have gone nowhere, but that just shows you how much I know. I'm just a dude who likes to fuck with tapes. But jam "Auf Wiendersehen" for a while and then I'll remind you that the bass player was in FU MANCHU and we will both wonder if that connection is relevant at all and then we'll go back to fucking with tapes. Like this one. 


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