20 December 2020


I heard the name for years before I heard the band - I heard the band and I wondered what had taken me so long. And as good as Destiny Of Greed is (it's good), I wasn't quite prepared for the fury on this 1991 tape. Southern California political hardcore with roots in Tijuana, DOGMA MUNDISTA combine raw Mexican punk ferocity with classic anthemic UK punk ("Talk About A Statement," anyone?), and still sound distinctly like an early '90s political DIY hardcore band. Gonna listen to "Capitalist Greed" at least five times today, progressively louder each time. So...what's taking you so long?

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Dan Morgan said...

I bought their LP in the early 90s based on a review from MRR or somewhere and was blown away. Still a favorite today. Scarred For Life, also featuring Ray Gunn on vocals, kills too.