19 December 2020


Someone slapped a few slammers onto the ass end of a mixtape that featured CHELSEA Peel Sessions and BBC recordings from 1979, the DRONES '77 Peel Session, BUZZCOCKS Razor Cuts outtakes from '79, ADVERTS surprisingly smoking Raw Energy recording (which is a ripping mess, by the way), some cuts that will especially appeal to the folks who dug the (highly recommended) History Of Michigan Rock series and the connection between Motor City and the world's greatest Nation Continent. A handful of live recordings and outtakes from HITMEN ("Pop's All (Gone)" is the absolute star of this little mini-mix), NEW CHRISTS, NEW RACE and RADIO BIRDMEN, the latter dropping a hyped up bare knuckle cranked up bar fight version of "Search & Destroy" to close out the collection. For purists and the curious perhaps, but would you be here otherwise? I reach out to the people who curated and traded these recordings...I reach out to them in their boring offices or their sweaty garage practice spaces or their suburban homes or their graves, and I thank them. 


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bat29 said...

Pop's All Gone was co-written by Chris Masuak and Denis Tek - both former members of Radio Birdman. The song was recorded in 1992 by The Hitmen for their album Surf In Another Direction. The Radio Birdman interview and song are from Australian television. That clip plus other songs can be found on Youtube now.