14 December 2020


More sounds from 1980s Budapest (on loan from a pal in the neighborhood), AMD were getting a little funky by the time they released 1991's Ne Vonulj Be! but that piercing flanged guitar and the fury of the approach more than makes up for it. Imagine an evolution beyond BGK's late '80s split - erratic light speed riffing on tracks like "A Félelem Bére" demand the kind of attention that a band that raging behind the Curtain had to fight far harder receive (from the West). 

Choice cut here is "Még Nincs Késo" ("It's Never Too Late") - listen at volume and try to imagine late '80s NYHC through this filter, and it's pretty easy to imagine how much more deadly NYHC could (have) be(en). I'm going to go ahead and stand by that statement....

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