09 December 2020



Another blast from 1980s Budapest, this time the 1987 cassette from AURORA. A touch more nuanced than their jackhammer hardcore releases that came earlier, this tapes seems to marks a turn towards catchier punk - still raw of course, and still with plenty of dirt under the nails ("Nyugalom" "Gyilkos Robotok" are near perfect dupa-dupa hardcore punk numbers, to be clear).  I'm not going to try to write intelligently about a band I was only vaguely familiar with until a few weeks ago (aside from the 1989 Viszlát Iván LP, that is), but they are still active in 2020 and it's clear that I have a lot more learning to do because this shit is brilliant...one side here is almost hopelessly damaged, but the tracks are included in their murky glory nonetheless. 

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