12 December 2019


I seriously have not been able to get enough of this tape since I ripped it a couple of weeks back. The companion to the FSDC2 compilation posted a few years ago, I don't remember the CREEPING PINK track on that tape grabbing me as much as everything contained on this 2012 recording does. Equal parts CHROME, Desert OraclePHAROAH OVERLORD and alien intervention, the 70+ plus minute journey that is Thee Creeping Pink Sound (Creeping Pink's NeverNeverLand) is a lesson in vision and execution...or perhaps an example of the two disciplines feeding off of and building onto each other. Moments harken early '90s psychedelic/indie, but mostly because CREEPING PINK are rooted in the same dirt that those then-visionaries were. These recordings are nothing short of magical, and fortunately for (all of) us there are several more doses of magic that have come in the years after their release. If you do not have a warm desert environment near you, then I suggest listening inside, at night, at least (but no more than) one lamp (preferably in the corner), and alone. 

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