25 December 2019


Every year I think I'm gonna rip WILLIE NELSON's holiday tape to post on christmas. Well, one of them (he has a few). But then I don't give half a shit about christmas except that it means that I (probably) don't have to work and I can just spend the day chilling and talking to Karoline and her mom who are two of the best people in the history of people....so I guess to that extent I do care, but not because of the enforced holiday thing. My point really (or, more accurately: barely) is that I forgot (again) to rip that particular tape, so never mind the calendar: here's CHOWLINE. This shit comes from Portland, and holy shit is it fire. This is the third of five demos - six songs in nine minutes; a gut churning assault on all senses. The kind of demo that makes you kinda catch your breath when it mercifully ends. Looks like there are four more demos that I need in my life. That we need in our lives. 

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