13 December 2019


You're not going to find a John Lydon apologist sitting behind this keyboard. Always an opportunist, especially today with his much storied and oft-wavering commentary on the political climate in the UK and the US, presumably motivated more by a desire more to keep his face in the press (and dolts at his shows) than any actual or informed interest in our collective future, I think Rotten v.19 is wholly uninteresting. However, I think he's conniving rather than stupid, he was obviously there pretty much from the beginning....and if this piece is any indication, his knowledge of and interest in music is boundless - and his perspective is fascinating. Recorded for Capitol Radio in 1977, this 24 minute piece is journalist Tommy Vance just rapping with Lydon about punk and The PISTOLS and social politics....and records. The records came from Lydon's collection and they primarily stay in the background - reggae, rock 'n roll, whatever the fukk he wants...FRED LOCKS, JOHN CALE, NICO, PETER TOSH, NEIL YOUNG, CAN, PETER HAMMILL, BOBBY BYRD and loads more. The music is all over the place, we never hear a track all the way through, and the back and forth between Vance and Lydon is engaging to say the least. This one deserves full attention, and if you are anything like me you're going to finish listening with a few more top wants in your mental pile.
"It's only sound, music? Innit?"

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