09 December 2019


This tape. I can't even begin with this tape. I just....how do you even conceive of putting this monstrosity together? There are so many ways it should be fixed, so many places it needs to be edited, and I just have so many questions. Questions like: "How?" and: "Why?" and: "Shit?" It's a noisy DBeat demo. Sometimes. It's found sound and digital manipulation. Sometimes. It's confusing. Most of the time. And I just want to listen over and over. No track listing, but I gleaned (some of) the titles from the band's internet presence. There's more in ZAVAR than lives in the internet, however, at least it appears that way, and several unnamed tracks are presented as mere numbers. Like a catalog of aural mania or some shit. Listen to the guitar solos on #15 and "Jövökép." Listen to the patient crinkling on #11, and listen to the howls on "Detonatór." When listening to hardcore, maximum volume is typically your friend...today, let that volume be your guide. And have a nice trip. 

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