03 December 2019

SPOT 1019

The late 1980s, when all of the rules were either willfully disobeyed or simply rewritten. No longer did your band need to sound punk or sound hardcore....or even sound good, as long as you were doing something different then the collective scene seemed to give you a pretty long leash. San Francisco in particular, where TRAGIC MULATTO shared the same urban space as STONE FOX, was a breeding ground for whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-do, a permissive ethos that has not been looked upon kindly through the rear view mirror of history. Enter SPOT 1019 - equal parts X-TAL, DEAD MILKMEN and DEVO, addictive vocals melodies and a frenetic cowpunk beat, almost like HICKOIDS-lite at times. Imagine a world where this was released by Frontier, the samer label that dropped the debut SUICIDAL TENDENCIES slab. Yeah...times had definitely changed. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey,I have posted Tokyo Negroes Homade Tape on my YT here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psHtTN9GduU&t=49s

They became Spot 1019!