02 December 2019


NEVER DIE! drop one of the best late '80s Japanese hardcore rips I have ever come across, with rffs so spot on that I had to check myself a few times and wonder if they were, in fact, from Japan. The drums are all wrong though - beats are straight with no lurches, I can't think of any double taps in JPNHC, and the cymbals (in addition to being buried in the mix) never accent the riffs the way Muka-chin does. The drums are awesome, don't get me wrong, they just aren't Japanese Hardcore drums and this is clearly a Japanese Hardcore band, or at least an homage to one. There's flattering in imitation of course, and this four song banger rages hard no matter the intention. Screaming (but tasteful) leads and furious speed picking in the fast(er) parts (check "Carry The Flame" for confirmation here), and the yeeeeooowls will clench your damn fist for you. Good job, punks...I wonder if you'll try to sneak an LP by us next?

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