17 December 2019


The bad news is that there's no salvageable B-side on my copy of this 1969 recording, so the two takes of "Look For The Black Star" that make up that side are not included in the file below. The good news is that the A-side is an absolute freakout, showing Redman leading a monstrous ensemble. The 2+ minute drum solo that starts around the 2:35 mark is worth the price of admission alone, but the gratuitous use of strings and Redman's sonic gymnastics seal the deal. Most known for his collaborative work with Ornette Coleman, I highly recommend Look For The Black Star and his slightly less unhinged work with the OLD AND NEW DREAMS quartet...and also the recording presented today without (further) commentary. 


Anonymous said...

Incredible. And Look for the Black Star is amazing, too.

metal brain asylum said...

still doing the blog. keep it steady bro. \m/