06 December 2019


Ruthless Southern California straight edge from 2014. I saw them once (at Muñoz Gym in Bakersfield) and it was very very sick, but I hadn't popped this demo in for quite some time until the other day and I honestly didn't remember RESPONSE ripping quite this hard. YOT breakdowns, searing, compressed guitars, that teenage doompa-doompa fast beat that isn't even really a beat at all, more like a metronome with cymbals (if you know, then you know what I mean) and lyrics that rhyme things like "in my way" with things like "make you pay." There's at least one recycled NEGATIVE APPROACH riff, and honestly that is just fine by me....shit bangs super hard. They dropped two EPs after this, both of which are essentially dollar bin fodder, which is exactly why you should (still) always troll the dollar bins. 

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