09 July 2019


Surely you've already done this, right? The first two demos from (the superior) YOUTH BRIGADE (the one from DC), from 1981 and 1982 respectively. This is what hardcore punk is supposed to sound like, and note the UK82 meets neanderthal vibe of "Full Speed Ahead" if you're wondering exactly what I'm talking about. These recordings have been passed around and officially issued booted and reissued, but I kinda think that tracks like "Moral Majority" need to be blasted on (and from) third generation cassettes that manic teenagers copied in their bedrooms late at night and mailed across the country to eager ears. That's the story behind this copy, and I feel like it helps.

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/][/ said...

I am bored and depressed and was even a teenager once probably so this is for me. Excited you can tell. Thanks.