08 July 2019


I saw HATEMAIL KILLERZ a few times when they were active and my memory is that they were weird ass kids who just played really fast. While I don't think that assessment was too far off, cranking this 2001 demo with the perspective of years makes for a completely different listening experience. In short: HOLY SHIT. Fifteen songs in twelve minutes, Meg's vocals are just insane....almost as wild as the drums. HATEMAIL KILLERZ listen like DETESTATION on a meth fueled HERESY bender - just so fukkn fast, with a drum attack that rivals any that I have ever heard. So listen to The Cardboard Effect and put yourself in turn of the century Central Valley, California. The agricultural wasteland where the stench of sulfur hangs in the air and pours out of the pipes, where the politics are complicated and escape feels impossible even though the ocean is just two hours away. Maybe that's why they were playing so fast...maybe HATEMAIL KILLERZ just wanted to get the fuck out. 


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