02 July 2019


I've said it before, but this is what the dark/post/goth punk resurgence should sound like. Forceful, in your face....and punk. There's just a little more flange than you're used you, and the drummer kills the 16ths like they are going out of style...but the shit is up front, and the shit is punk. "Fools Paradise" sounds more like THE BAGS than Siouxsie, and every song demands repeat listens so you can let the grooves sink into you (and mind you, there are grooves...that's party of what makes them special). Oakland's ADRENOCHROME have only given us one release, but that just means that you get to give it your undivided attention. 

This happens from time to time, but the analog product that I digitized suffers from many of the shortcomings commonly associated with...analog products. The result is a listening experience that is decidedly dirtier than the band likely intended, but it's what the band presented nonetheless. Personally, I recommend all options. 

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