05 July 2019


The first volume in a killer series of (presumably radio?) programs chronicling the history of Michigan rock music (in case you didn't read the title). Three more volumes to follow, but not until you dig into this juicy cut of late '60 burners taken from the first real wave of rock 'n roll from the Wolverine State. Not sure who Mike Johnston is (though I did accidentally stumble across this gem while I was trying to find out), but he absolutely crushes this first installment with Drew Abbott (SILVER BULLET BAND, THIRD POWER) and Scott Morgan (THE RATIONALS) breaking up an hour of under the radar jams from FROST, S.R.C., and THE RATIONALS, as well as essentials from BOB SEGER SYSTEM, AMBOY DUKES, MYTCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS...and no Michigan retrospective would be complete without a coupla funky acid freakouts from ? & THE MYSTERIANS.  It's a well curated collection, and Johnston's nerdy affinity for the sound and the place is apparent throughout. Take a trip...and listen to "I Need You" at full volume.

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