07 July 2019


Sometimes I wonder if "sound artists" are just pandering to neophytes like me. Playing shitty new age records at 78rpm and treating the result with some kind of space reverb and calling it modern hypno-psychedelia....or worse, convincing ME to call it hypno-psychedelia (or something even more pretentious). Just slapping loops of piercing sonic introspection on top of each other shouldn't make me want to pay attention. It shouldn't....but fukkn STREET THUNDER got me anyway. Even the track titles beg ridicule: "Meteor Shower," "Cosmic Residue." Seriously?!?! Yes, seriously. There are two more tracks also, and their titles are even more pretentious, and still I fell into a dream-like state listening to "Venusian Naturism" at full volume last night. Galaxies listens like a sensory deprivation tank, a full immersion in sound. And contrived or not....I'm all in. 

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