20 July 2019


I admit that I hear the INFECTIOUS GROOVES track with the OZZY cameo almost every time this band is mentioned. And then of course there was the band THERAPY? who were relevant around the same time (and whose "Screamager" video was, in hindsight, pretty much the blueprint for every modern day short hair death metal and/or amazing core band video)...but these are the pre-judgements that get us punks into trouble, because something as simple as pressing 'play' can erase all of this sonic images and replace them with the pure fire that is San Diego's THERAPY. Last year's five song offering is a bulldozer of power and intensity, eschewing en vogue stylings and opting instead to go very fukkn hard. Full throttle hardcore with DBeat tendencies always lurking in the shadows of the mix...and Chris's vocals are just holy shit caliber jaw dropping. These tracks and four more are available on a 12" that I highly recommend.


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