27 July 2019


Where the fukk did this come from? I mean, it's been sitting unassumingly on my shelf for a while (ok, a long while) waiting patiently for me to pay attention, and now it's laughing while I push my face through a wall on the third straight listen. Ferocity and destruction and unabashed disgust. Once again, I am reminded of what I want from a hardcore band - that target moves around with time, but New York's LONG CAT are absolutely on point. Four studio tracks and a live recording, all apparently from 2011. Don't snooze like I did. 


Stagger Thorax said...

Holy Crap! This rips!! thanks for posting this.
Do you know if they have anymore stuff?

Matt said...

hahaha I didn't expect to see this go up. for some reason we only sent half of our studio stuff, I think we were waiting for a failed 7" that someone backed out of. I don't even have that live recording anymore, it's a trip to hear it again. the rest of our recorded output is up here for those interested: http://longcatny.bandcamp.com