17 July 2019


In the relatively early days of The Escape, I posted some New Jersey freak show noise rock and my pal John sent me additional recordings from the same band...and a casual obsession with TRIGGERVISION began. I feel like they embody what SONIC YOUTH was going for years earlier, but that they did so with the artistic perspective that only time can really provide. That doesn't mean the second wave is better than the first, but using experience and knowledge as tools can't really be a bad thing. Then a few months ago I got an email from Daniel asking if I wanted to hear some unreleased TRIGGERVISION recordings....I did, and Daniel delivered. Almost an hour of studio and live recordings (including their first from 1987) that will absolutely melt your mind. Psychedelic freakout prog/no wave/punk, they simply don't make them like this anymore, and I strongly suggest that you dig real deep into what TRIGGERVISION had to offer. Seriously and endless gratitude to Daniel for sharing...there recordings make my brain hurt. And these recordings make my brain work, which is even more important. 

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