24 July 2019


The '90s were a heyday for snotty and snarky garage and/or pop punk that had actual attitude. BORIS THE SPRINKLER and FYP weren't bad words, and shared bills with black clad political crust bands...and it wasn't weird. Not saying that it was a better time, or that any of those bands are good, just noting the difference - and opening the doors for THE NARDS. Tons of fun and tons of attitude, ass shaking punk rock isn't really a bad thing, regardless of subgenre. At their best they remind me of DEAD MILKMEN, at their fastest they conjure up the aforementioned FYP, and there shouldn't be anything wrong with enjoying yourself every now and then.

"Hey Kev, you OK?"


Anonymous said...

Thats exactly why I like your Blog!
I think this Band came from the Secret Center Records Family Roster and has that cool 90's Basement Tape Charme.Great follow up to the Four Eyes Tape you posted some month ago.

Whimpers and Bangs said...

In the 90's, bands like this (and FYP) were my gateway into harder-core groups like Fuckface and a whole world of other different styles of punk and hardcore. Pop-punk opened my mind i guess. Like you, i won't say those were better times, but for me they were still good times.