09 July 2019


I was hooked on this London band pretty much instantly. Damaged, filthy jangling guitars and vocals drenched in intellectual nihilism, sexual pretense and self harm - it's like PHANTOM LIMBS reborn in 1987 as DREAM DECAY. And also THE COWS. It's a caustic and brutal sonic display throughout, but don't let the subtleties pass you by...it's like your very existence, right? It hurts, and it's disgusting, and buried in the filth you find joy and purpose. If you're lucky. Blood & Guts sounds like the purpose. FEX URBIS go hard, kids, and they wanna take you with them. I can only urge you to listen, and to pay close attention when you do. 

I'm alright
I'm alright
I don't need to keep my life
Out of sight, it's a simple plan
Out of mind, living in tombland

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