01 June 2019


Culled from a ripping TDK D60 filled with '80s Las Vegas hardcore, it's hard to figure out why someone hasn't unearthed this SELF ABUSE demo before now. Advanced North American hardcore punk from 1983, hints of 7 SECONDS/YOUTH BRIGADE melody and full speed ahead 'core that hurtles from one song to the next with a CLITBOYS-caliber fury. No titles, no info, just an internet search that led me to a few tracks on the Viva Las Vegas cassette comp, a particular affinity for the guitar tone (and riff) that start the fifth track and the obligatory pro-beer faux country closer. Also, I think one of these kids was in M.I.A., and I think I'm gonna blast Murder In A Foreign Place today, because it's been a while. 

Someday I'll be old but now I wanna be free


HarderThanYou said...

So I got bored and decided to find the titles for these tracks. Here they are:
1. A Classroom Horror
2. Dog's Life
3. I'm Not The One
4. My Life's A Waste
5. Locked Up For 90 Days
6. Someday
7. Copsucker
8. I Like Coors

Vince said...

don't know about your demo but you can find some self abuse here

Anonymous said...

Hey,I posted the Viva Las Vegas Tape Comp on my YT so maybe you stumbled over it there.

rb said...

Someone should reissue this.

the wizard said...

I see the SUBTERFUGE collection on SquidHat, but no Self Abuse (I confess I didn't comb through every comp, but...). And I only became familiar with the Viva Las Vegas comp after trying to find more tracks than the 8 on this demo...

the wizard said...

And yes...someone SHOULD reissue this.