21 June 2019


I mean - it's Friday, so why not just go with the compilation that was dubbed on the A Side of yesterday's MURDER BURGER tape? 1987's Digging In Water is as close to a "quintessential" compilation as it gets, a total snapshot of UK punk as the scene/s in general was/were shifting from the anarcho vs. '77 and/or '82 tug-of-war to the rages that defined the latter part of the '80s. As a result, you've got OI POLLOI and ENT, DISORDER and RIPCORD, CONCRETE SOX and CHAOS UK...plus C.C.M. and VICIOUS CIRCLE for good measure, to remind you that there was still an ear pointed towards the outside world. Curious and/or noteworthy - the tracks sound like the tracks on the wax, but this tape has everything in a different order and with a few (slightly) different edits (mostly as tracks come in and out). Considering the source, but I'm guessing that this collection predated the vinyl release. Regardless, this comp crushes and I'm extremely glad that Taf copied the tracks for Brett and that the tape landed in my hands 30 years later. 

RIPCORD's "Single Ticket To Hell" is such a devastating burner - it basically defies description. 

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Damskoid said...

I'm assuming that Taf is Taf from Disorder.